Thermomix India – World’s smallest Kitchen Robo

Thermomix, the World’s Smallest Kitchen Robo has been one of the most admired products across the globe.  Manufactured in Germany & France, this brand has been revolutionizing cooking since 30+ years.  This one appliance can perform multiple functions which can reduce the clutter and fasten cooking.  After receiving tremendous success worldwide, the brand has started putting efforts to make inroad in Indian Market.  I was invited to Thermomix office at Bangalore to be part of a session where they shared info regarding the product, brand and gave live demo.DSC_0003

About Themomix

Thermomix is part of the business division of Vorwerk – a major international group with 130-year history and a reputation for high quality, innovative products. IMG_20180812_140308

The key members of the Thermomix Bangalore team are Siddharth Dhurka (Director) and Babitha Vadamodula (Director of Sales).   The Bangalore office is used for multiple purpose – Live Demo, Sales Training, Cooking Sessions and Customer Trials.

Product Highlights

  • The functions performed by the product include – Blending, Mixing, Steaming, Grinding, Stirring, Whipping, Weighing, Weighing, Emulsifying, Chopping, Kneading, Cooking and Controlled Heating.
  • Heating in the product works on the Induction heating technology.
  • Microchip present inside contains recipes for dishes across different countries.  Every recipe has been carefully curated to best use the feature of the appliance to create the finished dish.
  • For every recipe, a step-by-step procedure appears on the mini-screen can be followed by a novice cook to make a wonderful dish.  Some of the dishes that can be easily prepared by following the pre-programmed instructions – Pumpkin Soup, Pasta, Risotto, Hummus & Pineapple Ice-Cream.
  • Customers are allowed make change to temperature, revolution and time setting in the appliance while preparing dish.
  • The maximum rpm for the blade is 12000 which is very high compared to competition.
  • New dishes can be added into microchip after validating the same in the German office.  Dishes are added into the microchip in batches of 50 at a time.
  • The parts used in the food-processor are imported.  They have service centre that have all the spare parts and experience personal to resolve issues.IMG_20180812_134419

Purchase of Product

  • Before selling any equipment, the brand does a demo at the customers place.  This helps in clarifying any doubts and eliminate any doubts in the mind before the purchase.
  • Cooking classes are conducted at the Thermomix office that can inspire people to use Thermomix daily.  During these sessions, one can also explore new ways of using the product by taking cues from the experts.
  • The cost of the product is slightly higher for the Indian market but it’s worth every penny spent.  To ease the burden, they do have EMI options which works perfectly fine.
  • To purchase product, one can contact the phone number at the end of this post.  If not, do get in touch with me and I shall connect with directly with the Sales team at Thermomix.IMG_20180812_144852

Road Ahead

Thermomix is now looking to get new customers in India and looking to make further inroads. Rather than taking the contemporary advertising on media, they believe that word-of-mouth by customers & bloggers will greatly help.  They are also open to partner with people who are looking to try making different dishes using the Thermomix.IMG_20180812_200925

Closing Thoughts

It was a great opportunity the globally acclaimed food-processor in action.  The most impressive part was the ease with which every step is performed by the appliance.  It looks quite effortless and becomes hard to believe.  I am sure this product will be a game changer in the Indian Market as they don’t have any competition.

More Info

Thermomix India


1st Floor, No. 105/90/1, Survey No. 9/1, Byatarayanapura Villlage, Bellary, Road,, OPP. GKVK Campus, Near Shell Petrol Pump, Yelahanka,, Hobli, Jakkuru Layout, Byatarayanapura, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560092


091081 25962




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  1. This product, the older model has been for quite some time in the Indian Market, but without much success maybe because of the distances and the lack of technical services available at various cities?
    Vorwerk better do something about it if you want to have success with TM5 and get technical service for TM 31 or you may encounter a lot of negative publicity, after all one invests a lot of money on the machine.


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