Luminous Power Technologies – Latest Innovations

Luminous Power Technologies, one of the leading electrical company in our country hosted a special Blogger Meet at ‘The Oberoi’, Bangalore.  The brand believes strongly on the need to innovative and being competitive.  They have come up with new range of lighting solutions and Home Mobile Application.  The app works on wireless that allows customers … Continue reading Luminous Power Technologies – Latest Innovations


SMINQ App – Worlds Place, Live Now

SMINQ is one of the new app to come up with the mission, ‘Live Now’.   The app enables people to get real time update about some of the events/activities happening around the city.  The feeds could be any data pertaining to – Seats availability in a Restaurant, wait period at pubs, Queue at the nearest … Continue reading SMINQ App – Worlds Place, Live Now

Sprouter – One App Connects All Social Media Platforms

Sprouter is one of the latest app that has hit the market which connects all other social media platforms.  The idea sounds mind boggling but the folks at Sprouter have made it possible.  One app that can connect persons Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many others.  Launched nearly a month ago in LA, they have already … Continue reading Sprouter – One App Connects All Social Media Platforms