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G2 is the world’s leading B2B software and services review platform.  The online platform built by the company is helping businesses around the world to discover software around the globe. is similar to TripAdvisor wherein business people come to find the best software.  Indian has seen rapid growth in the SAAS market over the years and G@ as a company wants to help grow the community.  Multiple vendors like FreshWorks, FreshDesk, Zoho are already doing well in the Indians market and G2 is looking to help them globally.  5251b4c0-b70c-41f2-b9f1-04467c120f78

The company is very excited to be in Bangalore and currently has around 55 employees.  G2 is immediately looking to invest $20 million to grow the staff and acquire companies with similar interests.  Mr.Godard Abel, CEO and founder, G2 while speaking at a special event, expressed his excitement about the wonderful opportunity.  He told that G2 on average gets more than 5 Million software buyers every month and mentioned exposing the same to SAAS vendors in India.  The company has seemed a steady growth of 40-50% over the past 6 years and looking to go IPO in the next 3 years.de9f0213-67fb-4d65-8c68-803542ff0f84

During the discussion with the media, Mr.Godard mentioned that the Global Software business is around $600 Billion and is estimated to grow to $6 Trillion.  The percentage of SAAS market is around $150 Billion.  Indian has a much small set of SAAS vendors but has seen 350% YoY.

G2 has a global presence with an office in various countries across Europe, North America, United Kingdom, Japan, and India. The growth of the company in India will be welcomed by the growing SAAS market in India.caa035ad-7fd1-4050-b67f-033f92d78966

About G2

G2 as a company started nearly 6.5 years back and has received an investment of $100 Million.  Over the years the company has had nearly more than 3M visitors and has published 1,006,600+ reviews that are helping millions of businesses make better buying decisions – and reach their full potential.  The company has set up its complete solution on the AWS platform and is compliant with most of the global standard.

The platform is simple that allows any Software Developers to put up their software for review.  When software is submitted for review, the researcher team at G2, check for user identification and does background of the company.  Then the company reaches out to customers who have installed the software, seek reviews.  G2 scores products and vendors based on reviews gathered from our user community, as well as data aggregated from online sources and social networks. They apply a unique algorithm (v3.0) to this data to calculate the customer Satisfaction and Market Presence scores in real-time.  Buyers get to read unfiltered, unbiased 100% validated reviews.   G2 as a company also helps market the software and help in getting it in front of millions of monthly buyers.

G2 has PEAK imbibed in its culture code that stands for Performance, Entrepreneurship, Authenticity & Kindness.  These values had enabled the company to be featured in Forbes, CIO, VB, PCWorld, Bloomberg Business Week and many more.  Some of the leading companies like Ford, Nike, Adobe, eBay, Facebook have already benefited from the service.

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