Top-5 Cool Things & Improvements for OnePlus 6T

Coolest Features Value for Money The shelf life of most of the phone are around 2-3 years before we end up switching to a newer one.  So, investing into a costly phone will mean that it always puts a dent into one’s pocket buying it as there will not be much resale.  Investing into a … Continue reading Top-5 Cool Things & Improvements for OnePlus 6T


OnePlus6T – Unboxing the new mobile

This is my first attempt at un-boxing a mobile. Its great to start by looking at the latest addition into the OnePlus family.   A mobile that has broken a Guinness World Record for maximum # of unboxing at a time. Key Features Display - Optic AMOLED 6.41" Processor - Snapdragon 845 Qualcomm® Dual Rear … Continue reading OnePlus6T – Unboxing the new mobile

OnePlus 6T – Technical Review

OnePlus is by far one of the most successful mobile brands that’s in the market for 5 years. The brand has been able to gain the respect, fan-following, strong community and loyalist.  I feel that one of the main reasons for the can be attributed to a combination of technology and pricing.  Personally, I have … Continue reading OnePlus 6T – Technical Review

VIVO V11 Pro – Technical Review

The market is filled with a barrage of smart phone belonging to different brands.  Its extremely difficult for a consumer to identify every detail and pick a mobile for themselves.  Consumer usually upgrade their existing phone or look for new brand.   During the last IPL season, the most popular Ads starred Aamir Khan showing off … Continue reading VIVO V11 Pro – Technical Review

Thermomix India – World’s smallest Kitchen Robo

Thermomix, the World’s Smallest Kitchen Robo has been one of the most admired products across the globe.  Manufactured in Germany & France, this brand has been revolutionizing cooking since 30+ years.  This one appliance can perform multiple functions which can reduce the clutter and fasten cooking.  After receiving tremendous success worldwide, the brand has started … Continue reading Thermomix India – World’s smallest Kitchen Robo

Altair Design Innovation Center at KLE University Hubbali Campus

Altair Engineering India and KLE Technological University (KLE Tech) are setting up an Altair Design Innovation Centre (ADIC) at KLE University Hubbali campus.  Following are the core objective of this engagement and henceforth both Altair and LE TECH will work towards achieving goals and deliverable(s). Objective Objective of this Industry-Academia Interaction through Altair Design Innovation … Continue reading Altair Design Innovation Center at KLE University Hubbali Campus

Altair Conference 2018 – Simulation Drive Innovation

Altair Technology Conference Series is a series of regional one-day event on special topics within the design and engineering domain that are calling ATCx series.  The India ATCx series features the theme Simulation Driven Innovation that will be held in 5 major cities across India. Altair Technology Conferences have grown to become a premier forum … Continue reading Altair Conference 2018 – Simulation Drive Innovation