Top-5 Cool Things & Improvements for OnePlus 6T

Coolest Features

Value for Money

The shelf life of most of the phone are around 2-3 years before we end up switching to a newer one.  So, investing into a costly phone will mean that it always puts a dent into one’s pocket buying it as there will not be much resale.  Investing into a phone like OnePlus 6T gives the consumer the best value for money.  Though the prices of have gone up over the years, I hope they don’t go further North in terms of price and always being the reasonable range.IMG_20181107_185648

OnePlus Switch

This one of the coolest apps that can be installed to quickly transfer all the contents from one’s older phone to new phone.  I had a OnePlus 3 in the past and had a lot of data.  In around one hour, the entire data including the app, local-data & app-data got copied to my new device.  I would use the apps very much like the way I used on my earlier phone.

Dash Charger

This is one of the most important aspect of this phone that I have loved.  There are times when we are busy using the phone and don’t realize the battery getting drained.  But with the dash-charger capability, I can charge my phone nearly 50-60% in nearly 25-30mts.


I am in love with both the rear camera and the front camera of the phone.  The dual-flash is a very useful pictures that can anyone in the dark.

Screen-guard & Back-cover

The phone comes with a screen-guard which I think is very useful.  Also, the cover that comes in the back helps in better gripping the phone.

Thing to Improve

This probably is the best phone in the OnePlus series by far but there are couple of things that can be improved.


We had an LED that would give notifications in the previous version of OnePlus that removed in OnePlus 6T. We all have become so used to seeing that LED light blink and check for new message or other app updates.IMG_20181107_205834

Wireless Charging

This is one of the features that becoming increasing available in many of the smartphones.   This technology uses an electromagnetic field and inductive coupling to send energy from point A (transmitter) to B (receiver).  Hopefully we get this feature in the next OnePlus series mobile.

Sound Output

The audio output does not come with a stereo quality and a lot can be done to improve its quality.  Adding more speakers will give better experience while listening to songs and watching serials online.

No Headphone Port

The headphone plugin port has been removed and instead of that a C-type to Headphone converter adapter is given.  The adapter cable is very flimsy, and the audio quality comes not seem to come as well as one would expect.  Either the adapter quality should be improved, or headphone port should be re-introduced, or a blue-tooth headset should be given.

Night Mode Camera

There is an option to take pictures in the night-time when its pretty dark.  But I have noticed these pictures can’t be taken quickly and the phone take ups a lot of processing time.  I will want OnePlus to improve on this feature.

Other References

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