Robots for keeping house cleaning by iRobot

iRobot, well known company that makes visually guided vacuum cleaning robots and floor mopping robots in India.  The products are segmented into Roomba & BraavaPuresight Systems Pvt Ltd, exclusively distributes the product in India.IMG_20190626_112431

The brand hosted a special blogger meet today to give info about the Roomba products that are available in India.  iRobot has several retail stores across the Bangalore and other cities in India.  They have a dedicated service team that picks up products when a person complains about any issue.  The smart voice command from the device alerts the customer about the impending issue.  Currently the products are available on, Amazon, Flipkart, & Croma stores.  Flagship stores are present in Bangalore & Chennai.IMG_20190626_112625

Roomba – Auto Vacuum Cleaner

Roomba refers to dry cleaning device that comes in different variants. The devices can pick up dust from remotest corners in the room.  Before the cleaning process starts, the device goes around the room to calibrate the map.  Then the device goes across automatically and cleans the room.  On an average it take 10-15 minutes to analyze the room dimension and complete the cleaning.  Let me highlight few details about the product.

Features Highlights

  • The product comes in 2 parts, one being the charging unit and the other being the cleaning unit.
  • Vacuum cleaning unit comes with cross-section or bristles for cleaning the floors.IMG_20190626_115131
  • To ensure that corners of the room are cleaned, there are special side brushes that vacuum the dirt/dust.IMG_20190626_121606
  • The product is having very small height allowing it to slip below the sofa and clean.
  • Every time the product is charged it can work for at least 75-90 mts depending on the model.IMG_20190626_121640
  • The product can also detect any object that comes on its way and avoids hitting.
  • It also got a special iAdapt Responsive Navigation to manoeuvre across tables & chairs.
  • There is also a special blocking device that can be used to stop Roomba from going to a specific section of house.  By placing the device, Roomba refrains from going across the horizontal line or at 2ft radius.
  • The advanced series in the device has a camera to also alert and it is used as sensor.
  • Best feature among all is the capability to manage the device remotely via an app in the mobile and schedule it to run regularly.

Roomba Variants

There are plenty of variants of the device available in the market.IMG_20190626_122923

Roomba 600 Series – Uses 3-Stage cleaning system to thoroughly clean floors.  The Roomba 671 is a Wi-Fi connected device that can connect with Amazon Echo.IMG_20190626_122727

Roomba E Series – A deeper, multi-room cleaning, virtually maintenance-free.  This uses a Aero Force 3-stage cleaning technology that delivers 50% better cleaning performance.

Roomba 900 Series – This provides up to 10x the air-power by automatically increasing teh performance on carpet and rugs, places where dust and dirt hide.IMG_20190626_122732

Roomba i Series – A special Clean Base that does Automatic Dirt Disposal.  This system automatically empty(s) dirt collected into enclosed bag that hold 30 robot bins.   The product creates an Imprint Smart Map to help easy cleaning of all rooms at home.  Dual Multi-Surface Rubber brushes lets one collect embedded dirt, debris & pet-hair with 10x air power.IMG_20190626_122745

Braava – The Mopping Expert

The iRobot also makes mopping robot thats termed as Braava Series.IMG_20190626_122739

Braava 300 Series – One needs to attached cleaning cloth and then it automatically cleans.  It has triple-pass mopping action and damp cleaning cloths to tack the dirt like pro.  This product is yet to be introduced in India, but it will soon be available.IMG_20190626_124752

About iRobot

iRobot was created by an MIT graduate Colin Angle, Helen Greiner & Rodney Books.  The products created by them have won number of awards and has made cleaning so much easier.  Device are powered by Rechargeable batteries and Wifi enabled, integrated with Alexa & IFTTT-integrated for greater convenience.IMG_20190626_112614

Final Thoughts

It’s a great product that’s making fast inroads into Indian markets.  People are tired of the undisciplined maids that making cleaning home difficult.  With the iRobots inventions, it will become a lot easier for people.  It is great to see a big brand trying to go all out for market the product and educate Indian consumers.

More Information

iRobot Website

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