Smart Home Solutions by Hogar Controls

Hogar Controls makes some of best Touch Control Panel that allows different appliances at home to be controlled with relative ease.  Every product is aesthetically designed suited for residential, hospitality and commercial markets.  Over the past 4-5 years the products have seen wide acceptance that has led to expansion of their operations.  The company is further investing time to promote the brand with various campaigns and media interactions.  At one such event in Bangalore, Karan Kumar (CTO) and Vishnu Reddy (CEO), showed some products and did a demo.IMG_20190711_170549

About Hogar Controls

Hogar Controls (founded in 2015) by technocrats, Ashwanth Anadasu and Karan Kumar – was born of a philosophy of delivering powerful solutions for residential, hospitality and commercial markets in a way that is simple, yet technologically advanced and aesthetically designed. Hogar Controls calls this “SMART LIFE PHILOSOPHY”.IMG_20190711_170700

Why choose Hogar?

There are plenty of reasons why one should pick Hogar products in the market for your Smart Home.  The products combine the essence and intrinsic features of an intelligent home.

Be Aware, Anywhere
With use of a single app, one can control all the devices.  This let’s control the safety and security of home from any remote place.  The smart alerts can let one check and take action.

A One Stop-Solution
Hogar has an exclusive collection of products for monitoring and controlling almost every device remotely.IMG_20190711_170017

Stylish and Economic Products
The products look very sleek and trendy that can fit into any existing design of home.  To add to this, Products are very affordable.

Z-Wave Affiliated
As a Global leader in Smart Home Automation Product Design & Manufacturing, Hogar uses Z-Wave. It’s the best in the automation industry with advanced features, highest security, and compatibility.

Modular and Scalable
The products are designed for centralized solutions that can be connected by an app.  They can upgrade automatically without manual intervention.

Retro Fit Feature
This is meant for anyone looking to modify existing home into Smart Home with Hogar Controls. It does not require any change to existing wiring.  The Hogar products can be installed with relative ease by local electrician after little training.IMG_20190711_163516

Product Portfolio

The brand has plenty of products that can help a customer automate almost the entire home.  Every product reflects both style and smartness.  Hogar products fall under 4 categories.IMG_20190711_170523

  • SMART SERIES – Home Controller Pro, Home Controller Mini, The Pebble.
  • TOUCH SERIES – One Touch Panel, Multi Control Touch Switch.
  • ENVIRO SERIES – IR Controller, 3 in 1 Insert Module, Fan Dimmer Insert Module, RGBW Insert Module.
  • SECURITY SERIES – Sensor Camera, Video Doorbell.

Smart Hub Pro knows how to manage your home.  Touch Panels make our life smarter.  Hogar Pro App manages the Hogar Systems.  Pebble gives another way to control the appliances.IMG_20190711_163239

Apart from the above-mentioned products, they also produce All-in-one speaker-and-hub (MILO).  The product is under test and will soon be available in Indian market.IMG_20190711_155442

Product Demo

The company shows the demo in a miniature setup that replicated a 4-BHK house with basic lighting installed.  But it has various Hogar products integrated like Touch Panels, Pebble, Alexa and Plug-points.  Some of the features that were showcases.IMG_20190711_170150

  • Used the Touch Panel to controls appliances across different rooms.
  • Voice command to instruct Alexa for taking an action.  The various room and appliance details are synchronized between Alexa and Hogar Control System.
  • Controlling the appliances from the mobile phone app.
  • Remote control of a home in different city using mobile app.

Final Thoughts

The Hogar Control products are amazing and perfect solution for Smart Home.  Design of every product looks beautiful and elegant.  The engineering team at Hogar have done brilliant job in making the product work very efficiently.  Hogar products have competitive price and quality that will enable penetration into Indian market.  We will see many builders implementing the products in model apartments and customer adoption increasing.

More Information

Hogar Controls – Smart Home Automation Solutions

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