YourNest invests in Deep Technology Companies

Deep Technology companies are those that are founded on a scientific discovery or meaningful engineering innovation. The people behind these companies have deep inclination in using technology for creating solutions for better lifestyle. These companies need investment to develop products, make it globally acceptable and continue research for doing further enhancements.  This can only happen … Continue reading YourNest invests in Deep Technology Companies


Selfie – Latest Trend in the Mobile Photography

We all have memories of posing for pictures in photo studies, literally everyone has at least one such picture at their home. Back in those days, very few people had access to cameras and mobiles phones had not yet arrived. When the mobile phones came, no one thought of putting a camera into it. But … Continue reading Selfie – Latest Trend in the Mobile Photography

Newspatrolling – Review of News Gathering Portal

Newspatrolling is one of the best news gathering website I have come across in the recent times.  The information that is available have been nicely categorized (Politic, Business, Lifestyle, Sports & many more).  Under individual categories, there are multiple sub-heading. The posting of news is quite consistent and totally unbiased for people to consume.  I … Continue reading Newspatrolling – Review of News Gathering Portal

The Amazing Escape – Escape Room Adventure @Indiranagar, Bangalore

We all have grown watching movies of different genres and among these the most mind-boggling ones involves Mystery.  If the movie is good, we keep scratching out head until the event when mystery is unravelled.  Many of us start to wonderful why we did not predict the same in advance.  But then there surely isn’t … Continue reading The Amazing Escape – Escape Room Adventure @Indiranagar, Bangalore

Wurfel Küche – Module Kitchens & Wardrobes

This is an article that I need to start by using the word, WOW !  I used the word without any hesitation coz what I saw at the launch ‘Wurfel Kuche’ was amazing.  And as they say in the slogan, ‘ALWAYS STAND OUT’.  They can use it without any doubt as they make expansive range … Continue reading Wurfel Küche – Module Kitchens & Wardrobes

Google House Event @Leela Palace – Bangalore

An event organized by Google to show-case the latest offering on the mobile.  It was called the ‘Google’s mobile-first product showcase for India’.    The event features demonstrations of various Google features like – Search, Maps, Photos, Translate and YouTube apps. And being one of the best companies in the world, they choose the perfect … Continue reading Google House Event @Leela Palace – Bangalore

iPhone – Lacking Important Features

What the iPhone DOES NOT HAS IN Friends .....those of you in India planning for iPhone... THINK TWICE BEFORE MAKING A DECISION... The short comings of Phone are endless... Few of them are as follows.... No video calling No AD2P on the Bluetooth CAN'T share ANY (mp3, images,videos....) files via Bluetooth, can't use as a … Continue reading iPhone – Lacking Important Features