Luminous Power Technologies – Latest Innovations

Luminous Power Technologies, one of the leading electrical company in our country hosted a special Blogger Meet at ‘The Oberoi’, Bangalore.  The brand believes strongly on the need to innovative and being competitive.  They have come up with new range of lighting solutions and Home Mobile Application.  The app works on wireless that allows customers to control the lighting from mobile and one of its first kind in India.  Along with these innovation, new VR Catalogue will give an augmented reality view of the interior.

About Luminous

The brand is most popular for making quality power-backup solutions such as Home UPS, Batteries, Stabilizers & Solar Solution for home.   Most of us have seen ads on television that features master-blaster and legendary Bharath Ratna Winner, Sachin Tendulkar. The brand now has also forayed into making other home appliance like Fans, LED Lighting, Wires & Switches.

Products have been designed based by referencing the art & culture from 4 cities across the world.  The cities include – Jaipur, New York, London & Rio.

Lighting Solution

The new Smart Glow LED bulb is being introduced for the first time and has some amazing features.  To highlight some of them – 9W Capacity, ability to change light intensity, special adapters, cost effective and extended warranty for 2-years.  These bulbs are connected to Mobile Application via wireless that enable a customer to control bulb.  Some of the cool thing that app can do – on/off, intensity and change lighting to suite the mood.

Customers don’t have to any rewiring to start using the products at home.  To make it a little easier, adapters are provided to allow new product in the old sockets.

Mobile App Solution

This app has been launched recently will change the way we manage the devices going forward.  Traditionally switches are being used to control the home appliances.  We now have smart switches that do the same job.  But in this mobile friendly generation, its essential to come up with an app to control home appliances on mobile.

The app also allows people to get other details like – distributors & resellers in the given locality, customer support number, product description and more.

VR Catalogue

Customers are very choosy when it comes to selecting the right appliances for their home.  A lot of thought goes into picking the right color and design.  To help the customers & resellers, Luminous has created a new VR Catalogue.  One can wear the VR Camera, select specific design and view the product placed in one of the rooms.  Customers can also change the model and preview the product.  This helps in real time visualization of the product and drive the customer to buy.

The VR Catalogue also shows some of the wonderful monuments in Jaipur, New York, London & Rio with a running commentary.IMG_20180712_140153

Final Thoughts

Its great to see a major brand like Luminous trying to bring in multiple product innovations and integrate with the latest trends.  This will be a game-changer going forward and drive customers to buy their products.  Mobile App for controlling the LED lights and VR Catalogue are unheard of until now.  Personally, I am looking to buy the new products from Luminous for my home.  Also, we all can to expect many more innovative products from Luminous going forward.

Luminous India

Luminous India – Lighting

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