RISHI XAI-based EPI Solution launched by Digité

Digité launch RISHI, Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) based Enterprise Project/Business Intelligence (EPI) solution.  The product will help managers predict business outcomes, prepare for the next course of action.  This will in turn help organizations perform to their fullest potential. RISHI – Ignite the Infinite In today’s corporate world, every company is looking to deliver every … Continue reading RISHI XAI-based EPI Solution launched by Digité


OnePlus 6T – Technical Review

OnePlus is by far one of the most successful mobile brands that’s in the market for 5 years. The brand has been able to gain the respect, fan-following, strong community and loyalist.  I feel that one of the main reasons for the can be attributed to a combination of technology and pricing.  Personally, I have … Continue reading OnePlus 6T – Technical Review

VIVO V11 Pro – Technical Review

The market is filled with a barrage of smart phone belonging to different brands.  Its extremely difficult for a consumer to identify every detail and pick a mobile for themselves.  Consumer usually upgrade their existing phone or look for new brand.   During the last IPL season, the most popular Ads starred Aamir Khan showing off … Continue reading VIVO V11 Pro – Technical Review

Luminous Power Technologies – Latest Innovations

Luminous Power Technologies, one of the leading electrical company in our country hosted a special Blogger Meet at ‘The Oberoi’, Bangalore.  The brand believes strongly on the need to innovative and being competitive.  They have come up with new range of lighting solutions and Home Mobile Application.  The app works on wireless that allows customers … Continue reading Luminous Power Technologies – Latest Innovations

Fast Food & Cafe Convention in Bengaluru

Our country has seen tremendous growth in the Fast Food and Cafes over the past decade.  Most of the outlets have been started by budding entrepreneurs who wanted to serve unique dishes to customers.  Many of the outlets have become very successful and they have opened outlets across the city & few across the country … Continue reading Fast Food & Cafe Convention in Bengaluru

Amway Nutrilite Traditional Herbs Range Launched

In this fast-paced modern world, people are constantly looking for shortcuts to get healthy.  The research being done by various doctors across the globe, have found cures of multiple diseases.  But, many of the drugs cost high and have some side effects due to usage of strong chemicals.  This has led to many of us … Continue reading Amway Nutrilite Traditional Herbs Range Launched

Heli Taxii takes off in Bengaluru

Heli Taxii is one of a kind Taxi service available in Bangalore that lets people ply across places on Helicopter.  This was probably never thought of nearly 20-25 years back in Bangalore.  The Helicopter service has always been used by defences persons, government officials or celebrity actors to travel quickly.  Most common memory of Helicopter … Continue reading Heli Taxii takes off in Bengaluru