Best Bluetooth speaker with Subwoofer dock

Lumiford is one of the good brand that makes the best-known Bluetooth Headphones, Speakers, Earphones and Sub-woofer dock. The design of every product has been carefully engineered and perfectly suited for modern times. The company registered in New York and trades on NASDAQ. Lumiford 2.1 Sub-woofer dock is the new product by the company. Product available in the market and can be purchased in online stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Tata-Click. With very little publicity and Maketing, the products are selling well.

Product Launch

The brand hosted a special event on 18-Jul’19 to unveil the product to select group of media personals. Mr.Pavan, representing the Lumiford brand shared info about the product and its history. He also shared info about other products from Lumiford.

Back in Time

There were times when Apple introduced the first iPod that disrupted the CD market completely. We then saw the invention of docking station for keeping iPod that gave a higher sound output. But those speakers are very primitive and worked only if the iPod was docked on them.
Over the years, things have gone wireless after the arrival of 2G/3G/4G and Bluetooth. The 2G/3G/4G technologies are used in the mobile technology for connecting people. Bluetooth is used for communication (voice, music & data) between devices for short distance at rapid pace.

This led to invention of Bluetooth enabled Headset, Speaker, Call Assistant and many more products.

But, during transmitting and playback, very few brand deliver good quality. Many times the final voice/music isn’t very clear, probably because of packet losses during transfer or ability of devices at receiving end. Lumiford 2.1 stereo Sub-woofer does an amazing job to play good quality of sound/voice/music.

About Lumiford 2.1 Stereo Subwoofer

The 2.1 Stereo Subwoofer Docking System is inspired by New York classic table-top design and integrated with Alexa voice assistant. This one sentence can make anyone go and buy the product. But this product has many more features to it that will make it alot more compelling buy for anyone.

Product Highlights

  • One can either enjoy full bodied stereo HD sound with True Bas subwoofer dock or pick the handset from the dock, continue to listen to your music anywhere.
  • Audio quality is supreme, thanks to 2 full range 6W speakers in tandem.
  • Battery life of 1500mah allows one to listen to 15hrs of music.
  • 2.1 HD Stereo, full bodies 26W output.
  • True Bass 20w Subwoofer.
  • Alexa enabled by Lumiford’s U-Smart voice assistant App.
  • Build in MIC, Automatic call pick up, Hands free calling.
  • Advanced Blutooth V4.2 and Multi-Inpput connect..
  • The product is designed in India but manufactured in China. Very strict quality guidelines are followed to ensure that finish product is perfect.

    Why should one buy Lumiford Subwoofer?

Why should one buy Lumiford Subwoofer?

  • The sound quality from the product is great and one can use it for hearing Jazz, Pop, Bollywood and Rock music.It gives crystal clear voice quality that’s will make anyone fall in love with the music.
  • It gives crystal clear voice quality that’s will make anyone fall in love with the music.
  • There are no other brands in the market that also Bluetooth speaker along with Subwoofer.
  • Other brand available in the market that are slightly similar are priced higher.
  • Design of the product is so amazing that one can use it as a decorative piece of item at home.
  • The initial wakeup sound, colors used for product has been patented. This shows the commitment of the brand to standout in the market.
  • Customer gets 1-year warranty for the product and they have centralized service centre to handles customer issue.

Product Demo

The team also showed demo of the Lumiford playing selectin of Rock music by directly giving voice command to Alexa. We heard the songs by AC DC, Bollywood, Pop songs and enjoyed the music. As part of the demo, the handset was picked up several times to showcase the clear sound quality. On placing back the handset to the docking station, the subwoofer would function.
The handset has a battery inside it that can run for nearly 10-12hrs. But the sub-woofer needs external power supply to work. So, if the product is taken externally the handset only can be used.
Apart from the Lumiford 2.1 Stereo Subwoofer, many other products from the brand are there in market. Product like – Lumiford 3-in-1 Digi Clock Wireless Stereo Speaker, Lumiford Stereo Blue Log Bluetooth Speaker, Lumiford GoFash-NY Wireless Speaker and Lumiford GoFash-Broadway Wireless Speaker.

Final Thoughts

Lumifold has come out with an exceptionally beautiful Subwoofer dock. The sound quality is very good and its suitable for any age-group. Design and finish looks appealing. Lumiford 2.2 Stereo subwoofer product is perfectly priced for the Indian market. The aesthetic design makes it a perfecting gifting option or one’s own handy headset.

More Information (search for Lumiford)

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