VIVO V11 Pro – Technical Review

The market is filled with a barrage of smart phone belonging to different brands.  Its extremely difficult for a consumer to identify every detail and pick a mobile for themselves.  Consumer usually upgrade their existing phone or look for new brand.   During the last IPL season, the most popular Ads starred Aamir Khan showing off … Continue reading VIVO V11 Pro – Technical Review


One Plus 3 – My Take

One Plus 3 is one of the first mobile I took it on the day it was available for sale on Amazon, June 2016.  The reason for that was quite simply because it was the only phone that had all the features like – Connectivity, Memory, Camera, Charging, Display, Appearance and other features, along with … Continue reading One Plus 3 – My Take

iPhone – Lacking Important Features

What the iPhone DOES NOT HAS IN Friends .....those of you in India planning for iPhone... THINK TWICE BEFORE MAKING A DECISION... The short comings of Phone are endless... Few of them are as follows.... No video calling No AD2P on the Bluetooth CAN'T share ANY (mp3, images,videos....) files via Bluetooth, can't use as a … Continue reading iPhone – Lacking Important Features