Altair Design Innovation Center at KLE University Hubbali Campus

Altair Engineering India and KLE Technological University (KLE Tech) are setting up an Altair Design Innovation Centre (ADIC) at KLE University Hubbali campus.  Following are the core objective of this engagement and henceforth both Altair and LE TECH will work towards achieving goals and deliverable(s).


Objective of this Industry-Academia Interaction through Altair Design Innovation Center is to develop and facilitate competency on commercial FEM software from Altair called HyperWorks.  Also aid students research activity with the help of FEM code.  This also helps in proving skilled man power which are in turn useful to Altair customers and prospects.  Innovation Centre is based on HyperWorks suite of Products.


  • Provide Unlimited Student-License to any active student of KLE Tech during his degree or Post graduation degree course for his personal Laptop/Desktop so that he can actively pusue Altair HyperWorks Technology.
  • Facilitate various Online Learning and certification courses.  No limit to the number of students taking part in this initiative.  Only certified students list will be published in Altair Industry outreach portal to facilitate internship and placement at Altair, Altair Customers, Altair Distributors, and Altair Prospects.
  • Following eBooks to be used for framing Syllabus and as a reference book for the planned Industry oriented courses at KLE Tech.  Note that these are by default used is Reference book for the certification course of Altair.  This will help KLE TECH to facilitate syllabus making for Mechanical P.G and U.G course.
    • FEM – Practical aspects of Finite Element Simulation (A Study Guide)
      Optimization – Practical Aspects of Structural Optimization (A Study Guide)
    • Multi Body Dynamics – Practical Aspects of Multi-Body Simulation with HyperWorks
    • Non-Linear Explicit Simulation – Crash Analysis with RADIOS (A Study Guide)
    • DOE Studies – Design of Experiments with HyperStudy – A Study Guide
    • Additive Manufacturing – A Practical Introduction to solidThinking Inspire
    • Composites – Introduction to Practical aspects of Composites
    • Ease of Simulation – A practical Introduction to Inspire
    • Dynamics – Learn Dynamics Analysis with Altair OptiStruct
    • Machine Learning – Introduction into Fit Approximations with Altair HyperStudy
  • Altair to help KLE Tech will help the institution to move up to the next level of competency in FEM techniques.
    • Assistance to sponsored Industry R&D projects.
    • Intensive Faculty Development Program (FDP) – 2 in a year, 2/3 days each.
    • Access to our Altair calendar Training to faculties – Train the Trainer program
    • Project work to student (One batch, max 3 students per batch)

Road Ahead

KLE TECH is a Treasure of Knowledge.  Altair to pursue in converting this knowledge to applied science useful to society.  The collaboration is aimed at creating a win-win situation.



KLE Technology University

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